Cancabaia B&B

Photogallery The Farm

Our farm extends over both a flat and hilly area of 150,000 square metres and we grow fodder and cereal in biological conditions. (We have had biological certification since 2000) We raise cows whose milk is used for the production of Parmesan Cheese and is sent to the dairy in front of the B & B. Cows are milked in the morning and afternoon and guests can drink freshly boiled milk at breakfast time; our yogurt is also produced from our own milk. We have horses, chickens, rabits and two goats around the farm. We have fruit trees and guests can taste our cherry, plum, pear and apricot jams for breakfast. Very soon, we plan to transform the old stable which will become a multi-functional area with a fully equipped kitchen. Once finished, cookery courses will be organized to teach how to make pasta, bread and cakes using only biological ingredients. A future intention is to create a synergistic garden, focused on permaculture. We belong to the « Movimento Decrescita Felice. » We belong to GAS (Solidarity Purchasing Group) in our area from which we buy local and biological products which we include in our breakfast preparation. Our solar panel installation provides the farm, the B & B and our home with electricity. Six panels and a thermo stove allows us to integrate the heating of the bedrooms.

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